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On the Edge

On The Edge

‘I look around at our lunch table everyone is paired off. Troy and Gabriella, Jason and Kelsi. Zeke and Sharpay are sitting at another table by themselves. I haven’t seen Ryan by Sharpay’s side in awhile. Taylor moved to Ohio a week ago, just when I was about to ask he out. You think that your best friend, your brother the one you knew since you were babies. You think he would know, would see the pain and hurt in your eyes. How you flinch every time someone touches. You think he would notice how you used to be the class clown, but suddenly grown quiet. But he doesn’t even know I exist anymore, now that he has got a girlfriend. He doesn’t even call me anymore at night to talk about random and sometimes serious stuff. I Just need someone to talk to especially now. The lunch bell rang signaling the end of lunch. I walk to my locker and when I open a not falls out I pick it up and read it. It says ‘ “ Chad meet me during free period on the third floor in the out of order boys bathroom.” ’ huh it doesn’t say who it is from; I guess I find out during free period.’

Free period:

Chad walked to the third floor into the boy’s bathroom. He didn’t see anyone in there. “Hello is anyone in here.” Chad said. Then he heard the door open and close and locked. He turned around to see “Ryan, you were the one that wrote the note.”

“Yea, what’s going on with you?” Ryan said.

“Nothing, Iii…I don’t know what you talking about.”

“Really, because you’ve been acting weird lately. I’ve notice the way you flinch every time someone touches you. The way you have quiet down in class, I see the tears that are straying to fall in your eyes. I see the hurt and pain in your eyes. And what about the scars on your arms and back, you think I don’t notice that when you change into your gym uniform. And now when you wearing a short sleeve shirt. Now I’m going to ask you one more time, what’s going on with you?”

‘Dang I was in such a rush this morning I forgot to put on a long sleeve shirt.’ “If I tell you, you have to promise not to tell anyone okay.”


“Well, my parents want me to be as good as Troy. You know they expect me to be as good as he is at basketball. I didn’t even want to play basketball in the first place. But my dad made me join and if I do the slightest thing wrong I get beat okay.”

“Well, have you told your mom what your day does to you?”

“Yea, like she doesn’t do the same thing.” Chad said sarcastically.

“That’s not funny Chad.”

“I wasn’t trying to be funny.”

“Well, don’t you think you should tell someone besides me?”

“Nnn…No not yet and promise you wouldn’t tell anyone.”

“Yea I know. But if it gets worse then is now you have to promise to tell me okay.”


“Let me see your cell phone, here is my number if you ever need to talk.”

“Thank you.”

“Your welcome.”

Just then the late bell rang. They were late for there next class and ran to it.

“Ah, Mr. Evans, Mr. Danforth nice of you to finally join us. Take a seat in the back of the class. Oh and I will see you both in detention.” Ms. Darbus said.

Chad and Ryan both took a seat at the two desks in the back of the room. Ryan notice Chad shaking and passed a note to him.

R: Hey man are you alright you’re shaking.

C: No I am in for it tonight after getting detention.

R: Well remember what I said. If you ever need to talk I’m just a phone call away.

“Mr. Evans and Mr. Danforth, I suggest you stop passing notes in my class if you don’t want another day in detention.” Ms. Darbus said.

“Yes ma’am.” Ryan and Chad said.

Later that night Chad snuck into his house. Hoping not to run into his parents.

“Chad Andrew Hunter Danforth…



“Chad Andrew Hunter Danforth, where have you been?” Said James Danforth, Chads dad.

“Ppp…Practice.” Chad said.

“Really because it’s eight o’clock and I’m pretty sure practice ends at four. So where else have you been, huh.”

“Detention.” Chad mumbled.

“I sorry I didn’t hear you.”

“Ddd…Detention sir.”

“Detention!” Mr. Danforth yelled walking up to Chad grabbing him by the shirt. Then throwing him against the wall hard. Ripping of Chads shirt, he grabbed him by the hair and started to pull him in the kitchen.

“Ah, please stop.” Chad said tears coming his face.

The stove tops where one in the kitchen. Mr. Danforth lifted Chad up and placed him onto the hot burners.

“Aaaaaaaaaaah!” Chad yelled.

Mr. Danforth held Chad there for 20 mins before taking him off and kicking him in the gut. Chad looked as his mother was just looking and smiling as his father did this to him. “You stupid punk, why can’t you be perfect like your friend Troy, huh. I don’t want to hear anything more about you getting detentions. Now I want you to clean this mess up then go up to your room and do your homework. Do I make myself clear, freak.”

“Yes sir.”

Evan’s house

Ring, ring Ryan heard his phone ring. He looked over at his clock and saw that it read 1:00am. He picked up his phone.

R- Whoever this is better have a good reason for calling me at one in the morning.

C- Ryan did I wake you.

R-Chad is that you.

C- Yea it’s me, I’m sorry if I woke you. I just wanted to talk. I guess I’ll leave you alone now.

R- No wait, it is okay. What do you want to talk about? How much trouble did you get in when you got home.

C-Can we talk about something else please.

R- Sure. Remember at school when said you didn’t even want to do basketball in the first place.


R-Well what did, do you want to do.

C-No, you’ll laugh.

R-I won’t. Come on, come on tell me, tell me. Pleeeeeeeeeease.

C-*laughing* Dude alright I tell you, just stop begging. I want to do Drama and Dance.

R-*smiling* Dude I can’t imagine you during that. All I see you as is a sports person.

C-Yea I know, truth is I’m not really into sports. But you can’t tell anyone what I just told you. Oh and wipe the smile off you face.

R-Okay. How you’d you know I was smiling.

C-Cause I’m good like that. :In a English accent: So Master Evans tell something about you that no one else knows.

R-*laughing* Nice accent. :In English accent: Well Master Danforth I kinda like this girl and I was going to ask her out, but she just moved away.

C-Let me guess Taylor right. I’m not trying to be rude or anything man, but do you know most people think you swing the other way.

R-yea it’s Taylor how’d you know. And I know people think I swing the other way, I hear the names the call me. They just base their facts on the way I dress and that I like to act and sing and stuff like that. But I know I’m not like that, I know who I am. I’m just me. I’ll be right back Nature calls.


R-Okay Chad I’m back. Hello Chad, Chad you there.

Then Ryan heard a slight snore coming form the other end of his phone, so he hung up. *laughing* “His phone is so going to be dead by tomorrow.” Ryan said as he fell back to sleep.

The next morning Chad made sure to put on a long sleeve shirt. Then he started to walk, or should I say limp his thirty minute track to school. When he got there he saw Troy at his locker with Gabriella and went up to them.

“Hey, Troy it is Friday we are still on for this weekend, right.” Chad said.

But Troy must not of heard him for he walked away. Just then Chad saw Ryan walk in, Ryan must have been paying attention to wear he was because he just walked into a open locker. Chad saw this and quickly ran over to him as fast as he could go. Consider he was steal sore and really in pain from last night.

“Ryan are you alright man.” Chad said helping Ryan up.

“Yea, thanks.” Ryan said.

“You are welcome. Dude you look like death, what’s wrong.”

“Oh I’m just tired, some craze friend of mine called me at one in the morning.”


“It is okay. Chad can I ask you why is everyone starting at me like that.”

“Oh I can answer that. Do you ever have that dream when you come to school and nothing but your underwear?”

“Yea, but what does that have to do with me.”

“Let’s just say that that dream for you is coming true right now.”

Ryan looked down at himself and notices that he was in nothing but a tank-top and black boxers with green spaceships on them. He stared to turn a deep shade of red.

“Come on I have an extra pair of clothes in my gym locker.” Chad said.

Locker room

“Here Chad said this should fit.” Chad said.

“Thanks” Ryan said.

Ryan had notice that when Chad and him were walking to the locker. That Chad was limping and just now when Chad handed him the pair of clothes his shirt had lifted a little and Ryan saw a bright red mark on his back. He notice now that while Chad was sitting on a bench that he had his eyes close and was biting his bottom lip and kind of breathing kind if hard.

“Chad, are you alright?” Ryan said.

Chad opened his eyes and turned to Ryan. “Huh, yea I’m fff…Fine.”

Ryan new Chad was lying, because every time Chad lies he starts to stutter. Ryan raised his eyebrow and said “Chad how much trouble exactly did you get into last night.”

Chad could see that Ryan knew he was lying. So he took of his shirt to let Ryan see just how much damage was done.

Ryan gasped “Jeez Chad are those stove top burns.”


“That’s just horrible. What are you doing this weekend?”

“Well Troy and I usually have a boy’s weekend, but I asked him this morning if we were still on. He didn’t answer, so I guess I’m free, why?”

“Wanna stay at my place this weekend.”

“Sure just remind me to call my parents and tell them after school.”



Ryan was asleep in class when suddenly a ruler was slap hard on his desk waking him up.

“Mr. Evans, what is the answer to my question.” Said Mr. Bolton who also was the English teacher.

Ryan looked over at Chad who held up the number four on his fingers. “Uh… four.” Ryan said.

“Nice try Mr. Evans but I am afraid this is English class not Math. I’ll see you after school for you punishment.”

After school Chad and Ryan were walking to the Evans house. When Chad remembered that he had to call his parents. “Uh Ryan can I use your cell to call my parents. Mine is dead.” Chad said. Ryan handed Chad his cell phone.

Leigh Danforth picked up the phone when she heard it ring.


C-Mom it’s me Chad.

L-yes what do you want? + Oh James stop not while I’m on the phone.+

C-=Chad shuddered he did not want to imagine what his parents were during.= I just want to tell you I spending the night over a friends house this weekend.

L-okay, bye. Leigh hung up.

Chad gave the phone back to Ryan. “Here. Aw come on Ryan it wasn’t that bad.” Chad said to Ryan who was giving him the silent treatment.

-Yea like it wasn’t that bad. I stink I smell like sweaty hormonal Jocks. I rather have detention, then have to handle the jocks sweaty uniforms and towels for a week. It is all chads fault, that is why I am giving him the silent treatment know. I wonder how long he can go before he cracks.-


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